Friday, September 11, 2009

Getting back on track :)

Well the third week of school is nearly over and I think I finally have some sort of schedule/routine going on!!! Little Foodie is enjoying school and so am I, so hopefully I will be able to start adding recipes again. Keep an eye out for new recipes soon!!!

Little Foodie Thoughts/Wisdom: My husband and I talk openly to Little Foodie on where food the food we eat comes from and why we choose to eat a mostly organic diet, although I know she hears what we are saying I am not always sure she is listening to what is being said until....... One day this summer we were driving to a splash playground and Little Foodie and a friend were in the backseat, they were talking about all sorts of random things when Little Foodie's friend said look there's Taco Bell!!!! Little Foodie proceeded to tell her friend that Taco Bell is a very bad place to eat because they keep the animals in tiny cages and give them bad stuff before they are turned into food and that we only eat meat that has had a good life with lots of fresh air and places to walk around. Needless to say I was a VERY PROUD momma that day!!!

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