Monday, July 13, 2009

Little Foodie makes Bread

Today my Little Foodie helped me make bread that we will use for sandwiches this week. She gets so excited when she sees me pull out the bread ingredients, she LOVES to knead the bread and when she helps me make bread it always turns out better. When my Little Foodie helps me cook/bake it makes me slow down a little and take my time as I explain each step to her in turn this helps my food turn out better because I am not rushing around. The bread we made today was so delicious, you can tell the difference between homemade bread and store-bought bread in one major way, I can't wait to throw away the ends of the bread when I buy from the store but when I make bread I save the ends for my own sandwiches because it tastes so yummy. Take a little time to bake some bread and you will fall in love with homemade bread and never go back to store-bought again :)

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