Sunday, July 12, 2009

A Visit to the Farmer's Market

It' amazing what $12 will buy you at the your local Farmer's Market. My garden is producing very slowly so I stop by my local Farmer's Market to pick up fresh, yummy produce. You can check with your local county/state website to find a Farmer's Market in your area.


  1. Hey carrie-love the blog. Your salad looks super yummy!
    What farmer's market do you go to? Our veggies have been doing okay-but we still have such a limit on what we have available here-I haven't tried too many local markets but would love to know which you recommend.
    Thanks for sending the blog link!

  2. I'm totally jeaous of that melon! We could eat about 3 of those with one dinner. They are so hard to find at the farmer's market for some reason, but sometimes Walmart will come through with a good Georgia melon.

    I love the concept for your blog! It's so hard to get kids to branch out and try things. Well, some of my kids. I've got 2 ultra picky and 2 that are more willing to try new things.