Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Little Foodie in the Garden

This summer was our first summer having a real garden!!! We have horrible sandy soil where we live and a very shady yard so my hubby built me a wonderful wooden garden box and trimmed a lot of branches so we could finally have a garden. Because of the shade our garden has been slow to produce but we are now getting lots of tiny tomatoes. Little Foodie helped us build the garden box, fill it with compost from our compost bin, add soil, plant the seedlings and water it daily. Now she goes out every morning after breakfast to see how the garden is doing. This morning she came running in asking for a bowl because she needed to pick the "very red" little tomatoes so we could have some for dinner. When she came back I noticed the bowl looked a little empty with only 3 tomatoes in the bowl; Little Foodie said that she couldn't help herself, she had to eat the little tomatoes because they looked so yummy!! This is the first summer that Little Foodie will actually eat tomatoes, it has taken us several summers of insisting that she try them to get her to enjoy eating them. The more times you introduce a food item to your child the more likely they are to eat it and then enjoy eating it!

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