Sunday, August 16, 2009

Dinner Battles

Even though Little Foodie is a good eater, meaning she will try new things and isn't super picky, we still have DINNER BATTLES! Little Foodie is a SUPER SLOW eater but only at dinner time and this makes my hubby and sometimes me super crazy. Here is what we don't do: we don't tell Little Foodie that she has to eat a certain amount of food or she won't get dessert, dessert is not a reward in our house, sometimes we have dessert after dinner and sometimes we don't; we also don't make Little Foodie stay at the table until her plate is clean. Here is what we do instead: I serve dinner family style most nights so Little Foodie can serve herself and we let Little Foodie decide when she feels full and that is when she is finished eating. It is important for her to learn how her body feels when she is full that will help her have a healthy relationship with food. Here is what we need to work on: figuring out a way to get Little Foodie enjoy her dinner at dinner time and not linger so long after my hubby and I are finished, it's a work in progress!

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