Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Little Foodie and her LOVE of Sushi

Little Foodie and I decided to do a little window shopping and have a special lunch on my birthday, we decided to go to a sushi restaurant. Little Foodie LOVES sushi and has been eating it since she was a toddler. She started with the California Roll and now has moved on to her favorite the tuna roll and she is game to try any rolls as long as they are not "too spicy". When we arrived at the sushi restaurant the waitress handed us the menu and said that they also had a kids menu with chicken nuggets etc. I noticed the scrunched up look on Little Foodies face and quickly told the waitress that we were both having sushi. When the waitress walked away Little Foodie said who would want chicken nuggets from a sushi restaurant, I only came here to eat sushi! My husband and I love sushi and we want Little Foodie to enjoy what we enjoy so we introduced little foodie to sushi as soon as she was able to eat it; I am sure she will be one expensive teenager in a few years but that's ok with us!!

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