Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Looking at food in a new way!

Tonight I had a hankering for a burger not a fast food burger but a good grilled burger the only problem we had no hamburger rolls. I made up some little burger patties using organic lean ground beef, a little bit of bread crumbs, some worcestershire sauce, salt/pepper and then I brushed them with a little bbq sauce. While the burgers cooked I had a brainstorm!! In my freezer I had a few packs of english muffins, my local grocery store had them on sale for a $1 a pack, the little burgers would fit perfectly on an english muffin. I thawed and toasted the english muffins, put out some condiments and cut up some fresh from the garden tomatoes. My hubby was very impressed with the burgers and Little Foodie thought that the tiny burgers were so cute!

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