Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Summer Vacation- Maine

Each summer we try to take a vacation in a different area, my hubby and I believe that life is too short to spend our vacation time in the same place each summer. This summer we stayed in a house on the water in Maine about 40 minutes outside of Portland. Although it was a super long drive (12 hours) for Little Foodie and the dog we still had an AMAZING time. Little Foodie got to try lobster for the first time, she wasn't impressed with the cold lobster on the the lobster roll but she absolutely loved the steamed lobster, she ate almost an entire lobster by herself and was licking her fingers as she looked longingly at my hubby's lobster. We also ate at an AMAZING resturaunt called Duck Fat, they had the yummiest sandwiches and the most GLORIOUS fries with special dipping sauces. I love summer vacations!!!

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